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Denon DN-C680

Denon DN-C680
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The DN-C680 represents the best of CD player technology developed by Denon for studio and broadcast production applications, and makes a perfect match when combined with the DN-M1050R MD recorder. Since its basic design is the same as the DN-M1050R, the DN-C680 lends easily to the construction of a uniform operating environment. Highlights Index Search Auto Space Auto Edit Display of Playback Locations CD-R Reading Capability Features

Index Search The Select knob can be used to perform an Index Search when the INDEX button is ON (the LED on the INDEX button lights up).

Auto Space During playback, it is possible to insert a silent space of about 4 seconds between tracks. To do this, simply press the AUTO SPACE button to ON (the LED on the AUTO SPACE button lights up).

Auto Edit This function automatically divides the total recorded time on the disc in half and rearranges the tracks so that they fit neatly onto the A and B sides of a cassette tape.

Display of Playback Locations A bar graph display indicates playback points on the track being played. Elapsed time and Remaining time displays are switched using the TIME button.

CD-R Reading Capability DN-C680 reads CD-R discs with or without Table Of Contents (Note: some CD-Rs without TOC might not be readable)

19-inch Rack Mountable (Height: 3U)

Large FL Display, Illuminated Rubber Buttons

Track Search Select Knob (Easy track selection)

Jog Dial/Shuttle Wheel Perform searches to 1 MD frame precision using the jog dial and easy scans using the shuttle ring.

Program Play (Max. 25 tracks) When the PLAY mode is set to Single, the player stands by at the beginning of next track (at Finish mode "NEXT"). When the PLAY mode is set to Continuous, the playback is continued according to your programmed sequence. Play mode & Finish mode Play mode Continuous: Play a whole disc Single: Play a track A-B: Play an A-B loop Finish mode (Stop, Next, Recue) *only when Single Track play is selected Stop: Stops at the end of the track Next: Standby at the beginning of the next track after when the selected track is played Recue: After the selected track has played, the unit will standby at the beginning of that selected track Auto Cue After a track is selected, it is automatically cued to the point where audio starts. Cueing takes place at the point where audio starts rather than where the track starts. The level at which sound is first detected can be set between -36 to -72 dB (7 steps).

End Monitor Pressing the END MON button during standby instantly previews the end of the track, thus assuring perfect "outros". The point at which monitoring starts can be set within a range of 5 to 35 seconds (7 steps) prior to the track's end.

End Of Message (EOM) At the end of a track, the PLAY/PAUSE button flashes, providing a visual warning to the operator that the track will end shortly. The point at which the flashing begins can be set within a range of 0 to 30 seconds (7 steps) prior to the end of the track.

Pitch Control (9.9%, 0.1% step)

Instant Start (Playback starts less than 0.01 seconds after the PLAY button is pressed.)

External Control Terminals Serial Remote (RS-232C/RS-422A switchable, D-Sub 9-pin)

Parallel Remote (D-Sub 25-pin) optional RC-680 remote

Sampling Rate Convertor Unit: ACD-25FSC (Option) Digital output is possible at 32 and 48 kHz as well as 44.1 kHz.

SMPTE Time Code Sync Unit: ACD-27CS (Option) Conforming to IEC-461, LTC (Longitudinal Time Code) format

Time Code Chase Search

Video Sync or Word Sync is selected in Preset mode.

The Word Sync signal supports 44.1 kHz 1.0%.


Type Rack Mountable CD Player

Audio Channel 2 channels (Playback: Stereo/Mono selectable)

Digital filter 18-bit 8-times oversampling Digital filter

D/A Converter Dual 18-bit linear

Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz (32/48 kHz available using optional ACD-25FSC)

Total Harmonic Distortion =0.003%

S/N ratio =105 dB (A-weighted)

Channel Separation =100 dB

Frequency Response 5 Hz - 20 kHz 1 dB

Analog output (1 kHz, 0 dB playback)

Transfer and connector Balanced active, XLR connector *1 Unbalanced, RCA connector

Output level Balanced: +18 dBm (0.5 dBm), 600 ohm Unbalanced: 2 V, 10 kohm

Output level adj. range +22 dBs to -20 dBm (Balanced)

Headphone output 20 mW (30 to 40 ohm)

Digital output

Transfer and connector Balanced active, XLR connector Unbalanced, RCA connector

Signal format AES/EBU or IEC-958 Type 2 or SPDIF

Output level Balanced: 3 Vp-p, 110 ohm Unbalanced: 0.5 Vp-p, 75 ohm

Serial Remote RS-232C/RS-422A (Switchable), D-Sub 9-pin

Parallel Remote D-Sub 25-pin for optional RC-680 remote


Power Supply AC 120V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption 19 W

Dimensions 483 (W) x 132 (H) x 297 (D) mm 19 (W) x 8.8 (H) x 11.7 (D) inches

Weight 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)

Design and specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.